When you come for any Shiatsu treatment, you will need to wear warm and loose fitting trousers and a loose fitting top that will enable me to move your body, open your joints and stretch your muscles where necessary. You will also need to wear socks. (Jogging bottoms and loose long sleeved tops are ideal)

Please do not eat a large meal or drink alcohol prior to a treatment.

A medical/case history will be taken. We will discuss your health and the aims and expectations you have.

Allow 60 minutes for the sessions. The first session may be up to half an hour longer to allow for discussion prior to and after the treatment.

The treatment is given on the floor on a padded mat called a futon, with support from a sculpted body cushion and if necessary more cushions.

If your mobility allows you may be asked to move into different positions; lying on your front, your side or on your back during the treatment.

Shiatsu can also be given on a massage table, seated in a chair or wheelchair and adapted for clients who may be bedridden.

You will be given time for a few minutes relaxation at the end of each treatment and a glass of water.

You may be given exercises to continue the process of healing begun in your treatment.

Dietary advice and the impact of lifestyle on your health and wellbeing may also be discussed.

Following your treatment you will be advised to drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day or evening.

Sometimes a treatment can be very active with dynamic techniques such as stretches, rocking and shaking and at other times very still with holding and supporting techniques utilised depending on the needs of the receiver, their condition and energy.

No two treatments are the same as each treatment is adapted to the individual on that particular day.


If you would like to discuss shiatsu further or to make an appointment please telephone:

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