Mental, physical and emotional stress is caused by fear or difficult experiences, and situations that have occured in the past. The body and mind respond to stress by creating tension and distortions in the soft tissues, muscles, and organs and by keeping the nervous system activated in the fight or flight response. 

Animals usually shake when they have experienced stress and resolve and release any built up tension so it does not stay in their bodies.

If stress is not resolved and released then the body uses up a lot of it's available life-force or energy in holding these patterns of stress. This is because the body thinks that the stressful event is still happening even though it may have occurred days or even years ago. This means there is less life-force available to us for participating in our lives. We are often unconscious of this process.

Central Channel Release employs advanced "Shin Tai Shiatsu" techniques. It is gentle and extremely effective at increasing ease and creating more space in the body by releasing tissues and recovering  life-force or energy that has been trapped in these tissues.

When these tissues release the trapped energy, more life-force is available as it is no longer having to be used to hold onto the stress patterns, such as "holding onto tight muscles", or changing the bodies postural alignment and / or position of the internal organs in order to compensate for injuries.

Symptoms of unavailable life-force manifest in our lives in the following ways:

  • You feel like you are waiting for something to change or happen before life can get better e.g "It will be alright when ... I move house, change job, get a girlfriend, earn more money, take a holiday etc."
  • You are not fully enjoying life  

  • Your symptoms just won't change: backache, low libido, headaches, constipation, fatigue, menstruation or reproduction issues etc.
  • You feel stuck, ineffective, your career feels stagnated, you can't get projects to move ahead
  • You are struggling to create supportive and meaningful relationships
  • You feel overwhelmed and under constant pressure

Central Channel Release therefore helps you to recover your life-force or energy. Signs that life force is being recovered manifests in the following ways:

  • Symptoms begin to clear up

  • Your life is much more interesting
  • You have enthusiasm, passion and motivation and more vitality
  • You appreciate what you have

  • You have improved self-esteem and self-worth

  • You are no longer waiting for things to get better in the future

These changes occur because the newly released energy can  be used by the body initially to heal and then will be freely available for us to grow and meet our potential and fulfillment in life.

I often integrate Central Channel Release into my Shiatsu treatments, but it is also available as a stand alone treatment, suitable to those who have already received some bodywork. 


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