Would you like to have more vitality?

Would you like to have better health?

Would you like to experience less stress?

Would you like to experience greater clarity?

Would you like to gain inner peace and contentment?


Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

Chi Kung is a powerful system of self-healing exercises involving meditation and breathing techniques which: increase the blood and Chi flow to all parts of the body, open up the joints and develop a clear and peaceful state of mind. With consistent and regular practice your self-awareness deepens, harmony with nature occurs and a recognition of the interconnection of all things. Chi Kung is easy to learn and is very enjoyable. Chi Kung will increase your wellbeing.

Chi is the invisible and subtle animating power or life force that flows through the channels, (meridians), acupressure points and organs of the body and structures of all living things. Chi is scientifically measurable as infrared electro magnetic waves. When healthy, the chi in our bodies is clear and flows smoothly. When unhealthy we may have less Chi, it may be polluted or turbid, swirling chaotically, stagnant, or blocked. When this flow is interupted in these ways, toxins build up in the body tissues and signs and symptoms of illness or dis-ease appear in the body or mind.

Kung means work or skill, so when practicing Chi Kung we are working skillfully with this life giving energy and through exercises or postures, (forms), we become aware of the sensations of our own Chi in our bodies and learn how to control the flow and distribution to improve our health and balance of body, mind and spirit.

Within Chi Kung the physical movements, static postures and breathing techniques are also co-ordinated with a visualisation or intention of the purpose of the exercise or form. Where your mind goes the Chi follows. We aim to fully focus mindfully on what we are doing and why, but remain relaxed and progressively in a meditative or Chi Kung state, whilst doing so.

Why do Chi Kung?

Stress, worry and poor habits all affect our flow and abundance of Chi. In our fast modern world we have lost touch with the effects of all the stresses that impact on us in our daily lives. Money issues, relationship problems, school achievement, air pollution, bad diet, work pressure, lack of time etc. all cause a general state of physical and mental tension and chemical inbalance inside the body.

Often because we cannot change these external circumstances, muscular tension occurs, becoming habitual unbalanced physical postures that trap Chi or impede Chi and blood flow. The nervous system either becomes de sensitized as a means of coping so that we are not aware of the tension, structual inbalance or pain and the corresponding lack of flow anymore. Conversely the nervous system may be unable to stop firing its fight or flight reactions keeping the body in a constant state of tension, or pain and anxiety. We are often unconscious that this is happening.

Benefits of Chi Kung?

Regular practice of Chi Kung brings about a deep strengthening yet softening of the body tissues and systems and in this way helps to heal even chronic problems as well as acute injuries.

People often find Chi Kung through a desire to improve their health as it has a beneficial effect on all systems of the body: Immune system, Digestion, Respiration, Cardio-vascular, Nervous system, Muscular and Skeletal sytem, Reproductive and Endocrine system.

People who practice regularly also notice they have enhanced vitality, a clearer and sharper mind, look and feel more relaxed and younger, sleep better, have a calmer outlook and greater spiritual awareness.

Who can do Chi Kung?

Anyone can practice Chi Kung. The forms are suitable for all ages and abilities. Those that are disabled or unable to stand can practice the forms in a seated or lying down position. The forms are not physically hard or strenuous, initially they may be a little challenging as we learn to let go of tense muscles and old attitudes. The forms become increasingly enjoyable as your practice develops, and your Chi circulates freely.

Recognition of Chi Kung

Originating in China, thousands of years ago, but forced underground often by many periods of political and dangerous times, Chi Kung has Buddhist and Taoist roots. It has gained increasing popularity since the end of the cultural revolution during the 1970's and is continuing to become more widely known in Europe and the United States. Millions of people across the globe do Chi Kung daily.

Chi Kung is part of the Chinese government National Health Plan and is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is used widely in Chinese hospitals, specific forms being taught to patients for cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc.  Research has been conducted In U.S universities and other Chinese research centres In the 1980's and 1990's validating the health benefits of regular practice.

Many people have seen the images of the chinese people gathered in parks in the mornings performing what looks like a slow and graceful dance. This is Chi Kung. Chi Kung is the basis for all the other martial art forms including the most well known of these Tai Chi. 

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