Shiatsu is a form of alternative or complementary therapy that involves many bodywork techniques: stretching, holding, massage techniques, structural corrections and joint mobilisation. It is well suited to children and teenagers.


I have over twenty years experience of working with children and teenagers. I have worked as a volunteer in a nursery school, have several years of experience as a Youth Worker and many years of experience as a Connexions Personal Adviser working with teenagers.


Shiatsu is beneficial for children and teenagers who may be displaying symptoms of stress or/and chronic disease. Please see Conditions / ailments


Shiatsu can also help to ease the transition through the variable and sometimes difficult emotional and physical changes that we undergo during our development into adults.


Sessions are shorter for children aged 16 years and under.
Please allow between 40 minutes and an hour for the session.
The cost of a session for a child or teenager aged 16 years or under is £35.


Please note that it is a legal requirement that children under the age of 16 be registered with a doctor before I can treat them with Shiatsu.



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