Craniosacral Therapy in Essex

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is based on observation of the deeper underlying physics of how nature heals. The body is not seen as separate to the rest of nature or the universe.

The same underlying forces that are at play in the world around us are the same forces that create and organize our form and it's functioning. These are the forces at a quantum level that maintain our health and heal us. These forces, although not observable as we go about our everyday lives, can be perceived and oriented to by trained practitioners who are listening below the surface of the level we usually perceive at.

They are expressed in our body via a rhythmic interchange of life force or vitality into our body fluids. Patterns and distortions affecting the smooth flow of the life-force in the body can be identified and worked with in a profoundly deep and utterly non-invasive way. 

Put more simply in laymans terms; craniosacral therapy is a very gentle but effective form of bodywork involving a light touch on various parts of your body. It works with the underlying causes as well as your resulting presenting symptoms and so my hands may be placed on your body that on the surface do not appear connected with the condition troubling you.

I will work with the natural rhythms and movements within your body and facilitate or enable your body to access its own inherent ability to self-heal. This can be achieved by my listening to and working at a pace that is determined by you and your body.

Your body will decide and show me where it needs me to place my hands to enable you to release and relax.

This non-invasive approach releases the tensions, restrictions and stresses that are constricting your body systems, corresponding flow of fluids and life-force and creating your symptoms. It also allows your nervous system to settle, realign to any changes occuring during the treatment and rebalance bringing you access to better health, vitality and wellbeing.

During the treatment you may experience sensations such as changes in temperature, tingling and pulsations, as well as a feeling of deep relaxation. Feelings and memories related to your past tensions may arise and fade as your body “let's go” and comes back into structural and emotional alignment.

It is suitable for all ages and does not require you to take off any clothing. You can receive a treatment anywhere and can be lying down or seated. A baby or a toddler can be held by a parent or be playing with toys during a craniosacral therapy treatment. 

Babies and toddlers often respond really well and craniosacral therapy is recognised as being very helpful at releasing underlying birth trauma memories that may be manifesting in a baby or child's life as symptoms or behavioural problems. Adults receiving treatments may also experience a shift in symptoms and/or attitudes that may have originally been adaptations created from their bodies response to the process of labour and birth. It is not uncommon for old patterns to be healed in a session all those years later.


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