Facial Massage - Japanese Facial Rejuvenation

Japanese rejuvenation facial massage has been used for centuries by wealthy higher class Japanese women and Geisha as part of their beauty and health routine. The Japanese and Chinese understood that the major organs in the body manifest their state and function in your complexion. Therefore a women's beauty, health and spiritual state would be assessed by her complexion.

A number of different shiatsu techniques are used that make Japanese rejuvenation facial massage different from a beauty salon "product based" facial.

During a shiatsu facial massage, acupressure points are pressed many of these have specific effects in the use of ailments and conditions as well as generally opening up the system to healing.

The flow of energy along your meridian pathways in the neck, face and shoulders are deliberately stimulated, balanced and improved. The fascia which provides a protective layer around all muscles, each muscle bundle and each muscle fibre is treated specifically to reduce unnatural tension and holding patterns within your facial muscles.

The treatment is soothing and deeply relaxing, stimulating and improving your  blood and lymph circulation which improves toxin removal, the transportation of fresh blood and nutrients to the skin and muscles. The underlying muscles become better oxygenated and this improves the tone of the muscles and elasticity of the skin.

The acupressure points and the deeply relaxing and soothing effect of the treatment stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which stimulates the bodies natural defences and self-healing mechanisms.

A facial massage is suitable for men and women and can help with specific problems:

  • It helps the body to eliminate spots and pimples
  • Can reduce puffiness
  • Improves the tone of your muscles and skin elasticity, effectively giving you a natural face lift
  • Can assist in the breakdown of scar tissue
  • Reduce the onset and appearance of wrinkles
  • Gives you a youthful healthy glow, and improves the colour tone of your skin
  • Reduces stress and increases a sense of well-being
  • Increases vitality and energy levels

If you would like to discuss Japanese rejuvenation facial massage further or to book an appointment then please phone to speak with Alison.

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Please allow 60 minutes for the treatment. You will be given time to allow for relaxation at the end of the treatment and a glass of water.

Women will need to undress to their bra and men to take off any top that they are wearing, to allow access to the neck and shoulders. You will be treated in a warm comfortable room and covered in a blanket and towel.

You can choose to receive the treatment with or without massage oil. If choosing oil, you will be given a choice of oils and essential oils. 

Please remove make up before coming for a facial massage treatment.

You may wish to bring a hairbrush.

A course of treatments or booked regular treatments are advised for those seeking help with the indicated specific problems. Accompanying facial exercises will be shown to you, for you to do between and alongside your treatments. 


The best facial I have ever had - and I have had a lot!

Ena, Colchester, Essex.

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