Chi Kung (Qi Qong)

Chi Kung (Qi Gong) is a powerful system of self-healing and calming exercise that increases the amount and the flow of blood and Chi (your life force energy) to all parts of your body and mind. More Chi and better flow means better health!

It is very simple to learn and suitable for all ages and abilities, and can be adapted for people with disabilities. No specialist equipment or clothing is needed.


  • Increases well-being
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Strengthens the immune system, calms the nervous system.
  • Self-heals illnesses
  • Improves structural alignment, posture and bone density
  • Improves flexibility, balance and co-ordination
  • Gives you higher energy levels
  • Slows down the ageing process

A typical Chi Kung lesson may include:

  • Stretches and exercises to open up your major joints and meridians, (energy channels).
  • Simple repeated forms (movements) that open your energy channels or that orient around and enhance the function of the internal organs of your body.
  • Static postures to strengthen whilst relaxing the body.
  • Awareness skills for focussing on looking for the stillness in movement and looking for the movement in the stillness so that you can feel the flow of chi in your own body.
  • Chi Kung walking forms inspired by nature and animals.
  • Meditation, visualisation and breathing techniques.

Classes at:

Colchester Buddhist Centre, 2 Portland Road, Colchester, CO2 7EH

Tuesday mornings 10:00 am - 11:30 am

£10 per class drop in


Old Heath Community Hall, Darcy Road, Colchester, Essex CO2 8BB

Friday afternoons 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

£10 per class payable in advance every five week block, (£50) 

or £15 if paying weekly

(or until the next five week block starts)


In all classes group size is deliberately kept very small, to enable time for one to one attention during the class as and where needed.

Alison Hosking 01206 792211 / 07779  955407


One to one/two tuition available for personal development or

specific health and wellbeing issues

£40 Per Hour


Chi Kung Workshops held throughout the year

on occasional Saturday or Sunday mornings.



My personal experience from attending Alison's Chi Kung classes at the Buddhist centre has been extremely positive. The classes are based around the various elements of the seasons which do have a major effect on your well being. They are well structured, beneficial and more importantly enjoyable. When I first started in the spring of 2015 I was suffering with several health issues, which had caused me to stop working. I am pleased to say that having been told that I would never be well enough to work again I have now started a part-time job. So if you are considering Chi Kung as an alternative route to achieving well being I can thoroughly recommend Alison's Chi Kung classes, they certainly helped me.


I would recommend attending a Qi Kung class with Alison. Although I only started doing Qi Kung at the beginning of the year (2012), I felt the benefit very quickly. The classes are friendly, calming and meditative. For someone who finds sitting meditation rather difficult, practising Qi Kung enables you to focus your mind whilst engaging in physical movement.  My running has also improved; I have more strength  in my legs, and breathing is easier.


I enjoyed the few classes in Chi Kung I have had so far, and feel they have helped my movements, which have been affected by osteoporotic fractures. I have not managed to do much practicing at home, so there is a lot more work to be done. However, I think the classes have been helpful, and I hope to continue. Many thanks for the helpful teaching.


No matter how tired or tense I feel when I arrive at the class I always leave feeling both energized and relaxed. I am more aware of my body now and use Chi Kung principles to correct poor posture or to bring the energy away from my head and become more grounded. 




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