Would you like to experience well being?

Would you like to feel ease in your body and more relaxed?

Would you like more energy and joy in your life?

Do you have a specific condition you would like treating?

I offer Shiatsu massage, Cranialsacral Therapy, Japanese rejuvenation facial massage and Chi Kung tuition in Essex and Suffolk running a clinic from my Well Being One studio in Colchester.  A Well Being One treatment stimulates your body into activating its own self-healing processes.  It:

  • Helps you overcome feelings of stress and pressure
  • Soothes your nervous system and calms the mind
  • Increases your flexibility
  • Assists the functioning of your internal organs
  • Is both invigorating and yet extremely relaxing
  • Transforms symptoms, emotions, conditions and old injuries that are hard to shift
  • Brings you back into structural alignment

A Shiatsu is far more than just a relaxing massage, it is a therapeutic form of treatment involving many bodywork techniques: stretching, holding, massage, deep tissue work, myofascial release, passive structural corrections and joint mobilisation. Shiatsu, Japanese rejuvenation facial massage and chi kung exercises improve and balance the flow of energy along the meridian pathways that travel through the fascia.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy treatment is very subtle yet powerful and works with your bodies inner intelligence and deeper rhythyms, affecting us at a cellular level, to rebalance and heal. It is suitable for everybody. It involves a very light touch and is therefore also an effective way of treating somebody who is not able to recieve physical massage, and for newborns, babies and young children.


Shiatsu, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Japanese rejuvenation facial massage and Chi kung are holistic, taking into account your emotional, psychological and spiritual needs, as well as your physical ones. I work with many conditions and also offer the specialist services of a sport injury or pregnancy massage.

Comments from previous clients, I have given treatments to include:

" Shiatsu sorted out my sport injury and the sense of wellbeing which I experience after every treatment is wonderful"
Emily, University of Essex

"I feel Shiatsu is very beneficial to everyone and I enjoyed the experience of going.
Alison is very professional and also very friendly so puts one at ease."

Linda, Essex

"I am thrilled to say my life has been changed by the Shiatsu treatments ... I tell all my family, friends and work colleagues about my discovery and truly believe I am a happier healthier person for it."
Lisa, Colchester, Essex

"Shiatsu is making me more mobile and relieving aches and pains I had during certain movements. I am in my 70's and shall be having monthly Shiatsu to keep my joints supple. I also have a greater feeling of wellbeing after my sessions."
Anne, Suffolk

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Qualified to give Shiatsu Massages

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