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Relieving aches and pains -- A caring and confident Shiatsu practitioner
Treating Sinusitis -- Sciatic Pain -- Osteoarthritis of the hip -- Back pain
Feeling on top of the world -- Releasing tension -- More mobility -- Tonsillitis
Overall feeling of wellbeing -- Sports injury -- My life has been changed ...

"I first went to Alison to see if she could help repair a painful running injury, and I also mentioned that I was trying for a baby. Within three months, Alison had cured me from the running injury and I also discovered I was pregnant! The sense of wellbeing which I experience after every treatment is so wonderful, that I now see Alison on a regular basis. I hadn't even heard of Shiatsu before Alison, but now I'm hooked -- no other therapy or massage can compare! (Several previous visits to physiotherapy clinics had left me disappointed and unfulfilled).

Alison is fantastically professional, but also warm and kind. I would definitely recommend a visit, simply for the pure relaxation if nothing else! The results are truly amazing."

Emily Bowen
University of Essex


Suffering a work related injury and being off work for seven months really affected not only my health in terms of mobility but also my confidence and self-esteem. After a number of different pain killing drugs which did not seem to alleviate the pain and NHS physiotherapy treatments my condition did not improve. I found out about Shiatsu from a colleague at work and signed up to a short programme to see if this would help my pain management and increase mobility without pain.

I am thrilled to say my life has been changed by the treatment as well as Shiatsu treatments I have also been offered Central Channel Release which complemented Shiatsu. I had never heard of the treatments before and was skeptical now I am back to work using adapted equipment and am feeling better than I did prior to my injury. Every aspect of my life has benefited from the treatments.

I have also introduced my teenage daughter to Shiatsu who suffered with tonsillitis for many years which was extremely painful. Doctors wanted to operate and remove her tonsils however she was apprehensive. We thought we would give Shiatsu treatments a try prior to her having to have surgery and since her treatment started over a year ago she has not had a single bout of tonsillitis!!!!

I tell all my family, friends and work colleagues about my discovery and truly believe I am a happier healthier person for it and I have even given up smoking after 23 years!!!!!

Thanks Shiatsu
Thanks Alison!!

Lisa Judge, Colchester, Essex

Every couple of months I always got tonsillitis and I used to at least get 4 or 5 big ulcers in my mouth and they would not go away for about 3/4 weeks. I had to take antibiotics every time. Me and my mum went to the doctors and he told us ulcers are just natural lots of people get them. They told me they would have to monitor my tonsillitis and if I get it back they would have to take them out at the age of 15 . So my mum decided to take me to see Alison to see what she thinks and what she can do. So I got my first shiatsu treatment and Alison knew as soon as she worked on my body that I was stressed and this was causing the tonsillitis and ulcers to come back every few months.

She gave me six treatments and suggested foods to eat. That was eight months ago. It really helped and I don't get ulcers any more and and to this day I still haven’t had tonsillitis again. Alison has changed my life. I also went to see her after I hurt my back when falling off the trampoline. It was hurting every time I did dance at school. She gave me shiatsu and some exercises to do before and after dance and now my back is fine.

Charlie Judge, aged 15 years, Colchester, Essex

I feel Shiatsu is very beneficial to everyone and I enjoyed the experience of going.
Alison is very professional and also very friendly so puts one at ease. My arm did not ache as much and I felt in less pain. I feel I would benefit by going regularly.

Linda Bryant, Essex

Shiatsu is making me more mobile and relieving aches and pains I had during certain movements. I shall be having monthly Shiatsu to keep my joints supple. I also have a greater feeling of wellbeing after my sessions.
I find Alison very caring and positive during my sessions with her. I have told many friends of the benefits I have gained through visiting Alison for Shiatsu treatments and can thoroughly recommend her.

Anne R

Alison is a caring and confident Shiatsu practitioner. She explains her treatment carefully and makes you feel comfortable in her hands.

Anna Girling

Shiatsu treatment helped my sinusitis and general well-being.

Shiatsu in the workplace:

Alison’s treatments have been used successfully within the office to boost general health and well-being. The feedback from the staff was all very positive.

S. J. Bown

Shiatsu has helped enormously with my sciatic pain. Alison Hosking is a kind, caring, sympathetic practitioner who treats her clients in a professional but extremely caring manner in a delightful calming environment.

J.E. Parker

Osteoarthritis of the hip - I am pain free now. Alison has a calm and professional manner which makes it easy to relax and enjoy the treatment. If the problem arose again I would call her immediately.


The pain and tightness in my upper back was so bad that I was being woken during the night, which has now stopped. Alison made me better! My back is ok now and I can sleep at night.

Allie Passfield

I felt good and relaxed afterwards. To feel “on top of the world” visit the lovely Alison


I came to experience a Shiatsu massage as a treat! I found it helpful in releasing tension. I felt very safe with Alison. She explained the theory very clearly. She was friendly and welcoming. Alison gave me a very warm and professional introduction to Shiatsu. Her enthusiasm and depth of belief in her knowledge and skills shone through. Thank you

Shiatsu has now become part of my life. Initially I wanted Shiatsu to help recover from R.S.I. Shiatsu has given me more mobility in order to achieve a more fulfilled life. I have recommended the service Alison provides to everyone who mentions in my presence they have an ongoing ailment or injury.

For those of you who are sceptical about some therapies, this one Shiatsu, has definitely made a difference to my overall feeling of wellbeing and helped with a number of symptoms and specific areas of concern. Bowel, constipation, back ache and tightness of my right thigh when walking. However, the main difference was an overall relaxed state of mind. I felt calmer and more positive after treatment.

Nikki G